The Song Sweet People

The song Sweet People was written by me and my team overnight. There were several people working with me, among them Borys Kukoba and Vadym Lysytsia, my sound-producer. Together we composed the music, I personally wrote the lyrics.

The idea of the song was not spontaneously chosen — it had been my dream for years to talk to a big audience about saving our planet. The last year even instigated my desire as it was marked by many natural disasters related to the climate change. Also the failure of the Copenhagen summit strengthened my desire to knock this doors again. I thought that may be through music I would be able to reach the hearts.

For me singing on a big stage has the only reason — to deliver messages which will make the world around us a better place to live in. The Eurovision stage is the perfect place to talk about it. “Sweet People” is all about taking action beforehand in order to make sure our children have their future.

You can download the song in mp3 format here.

The Music Video

The music video to my song was unveiled on Monday, May 10th. I believe it indeed appeals to the audience and delivers the main message of the song adding to it even more emotions. The idea of the video belongs to the video director Victor Skuratovsky. The shooting process lasted for three days from April 19th to April 21st. We went to Prypyat, the heart of Chernobyl zone, for 1 day. There were several locations where to shoot. One of them was high school. It looks as if the kids left their classes in a hurry and turning over their desks ran outside. We found pictures of children on the desks and, I suppose it used to be the geography classroom where I found a globe. It has this look as if it wants to say “this is what you are doing to Earth… tearing it apart…”.

Then we went to the city center. It was scary to be there. The city looks like there should be people walking in the streets but there is nobody, it is an abandoned place.

Check out pictures which we made during the shooting process.

You can download them in a better quality here.

To complement the video with the documental footage from different natural disasters in the world, we turned to the office of Green Peace International. In about two days we had the video material of logging in Papua New Guinea, fires in Amazon rainforests, nuclear bombs explosions, oilspills.

The Photo Session

After we finished our work on the music video, I decided to make a special photo session dedicated to the global environmental problems. The concept of the photo shoot was developed by my friends from CFC Consulting company. The idea is to show symbolically what we are doing to our planet. Sometimes we simply cannot directly observe the effects of different problems. For example, a photo camera is not able to reproduce the image of the ozone holes. Nonetheless, it is one of the most important things which environmentalists care about.

I asked a prominent Ukrainian photographer Dmitry Peretrutov to help me with the photo session. Together we came up with those ideas of how to show different problems.

You can download images in HiRes here.

Green Peace Photo Library complemented our photo session with the documental images from various places on Earth which are calling now for an urgent action.

Football Match Green Game

Yesterday our delegation hosted the football match Green Game. As football is popular all over the world there were many of those who wanted to play. It was great to see the Russian entry Peter Nalitch and his band joining the game, Lithuanian band Inculto also brought their first team to play and to get involved with the success of their player.

I was also delighted with the guys from Moldova and Romania who were tough enough to win the game.

Our MC ALexander Sineutskiy did a great job inspiring everybody and organizing the timing of the match.

I would like to thank all of those who came to support us and our "green" initiative which was part of our ECOVISION2010 program. Also I would like to give credit to the community of Baerum which provided us with the football pitch and helped with organization.

Check out our pictures from the event. They were taken by our dearest friend from Lithuania Eimantas Paltarackas (BRN Plus FM).

EcoVision Greenpeace


You can download the song in mp3 format here.

You can download images from the music video shooting in a better quality here.

You can download images of the photo session in HiRes here.

Download pictures from the Green Game here.