Neptune’s Kingdom Slot Review By Playtech


Neptune’s Kingdom, a video slot from Playtech, differs from most other slot titles available online in several respects. Most obviously, it uses only three reels, not five, and it has only 5 paylines linking the three windows on each reel. The game is also quite old-school in its lack of frills and special features – there is no Scatter or free spins round, for example.

But with only six symbols used in total, Neptune’s Kingdom does give players a decent chance at regular wins over the nine windows on display. All 5 paylines are fixed, but players can set the bet per line at a large selection of levels between 0.01 and 100.00. So the minimum bet per spin is 0.05, and the maximum is 500.00.

Not Much Visual Appeal

In keeping with its simple retro theme in the style of old mechanical fruit machines, Neptune’s Kingdom does not go in for the 3D animations and other popular bells and whistles of many modern online slots real money Canada. Play is quite static: a red-eyed figure of King Neptune dominates the top of the screen, next to two pay tables that cover all six symbols. The background is simple, stylised ocean waves, livened up every now and again by a sailing ship drifting past.

The lower half of the Neptune’s Kingdom screen contains the three reels, also in an old-school fruit machine frame, and the game controls. A bet meter and a win meter flank the reels. Apart from the spins, the game features no other animations or visual effects.

No Wild or Scatter

A Wild icon on a three-reeler is perhaps a bit too generous to players, so it’s no surprise that there isn’t one in Neptune’s Kingdom. Neither is there a Bonus Scatter, as there is no free spins round that needs to be triggered by a bonus icon.

So players must rely only on the payline symbols to create wins, which luckily occur quite regularly because of the three reel, six-icon format. All payline symbols relate to the undersea theme of Neptune’s Kingdom, and all prizes pay for three-of-a-kind matches on a payline only. The puffer fish wins 20X the line bet, the lobster wins 25X, the angelfish wins 30X, Neptune’s trident wins 40X, and the mermaid wins 50X the bet.

Top Prize Varies According to the Payline

The top-value symbol, a sunken treasure chest, is the only icon to instil some much-needed variation in Neptune’s Kingdom game play. The prize won for three chests depends on the payline on which the three symbols come to rest.

On Payline 1, three treasure chests will win 100X the line bet; in other words, 20X the entire bet on the spin. On Payline 2, this prize rises to 100X, on Payline 3 it is 120X, and three treasure chests on Payline 4 win 130X the bet. The top prize is paid for three treasure chest icons on Payline 5: 150X the line bet.

Although its graphics are crude and simple and game play does not offer a lot of variety, Neptune’s Kingdom will suit slots fans that enjoy fruit-machine style games. It produces worthwhile wins often enough to make it financially rewarding too.

Best Underwater Theme Dolphin Quest Online Slot Game


An underwater theme is quite popular with online slot developers, and Dolphin Quest is a testament to this fact. Dolphin Quest is a 50 payline, 5 reel video slot game by Microgaming, and the entire slot is set beneath the waves of the vast ocean. Dolphin Quest comes with a return to player rate of 96.12%, as well as a huge 12500x jackpot that can be triggered at any point during gameplay.

Where as some other sea-related slot games may be set on the beach, coral reefs, or within the waves, Dolphin Quest is based on the seabed, where all kinds of aquatic animal and plant life flourishes. Dolphins play a big part in the slot, but they are not the only creatures that players will encounter. Spiny stone fish, octopuses, blowfish, seahorses, and schools of fish roam the reels, and each has a different value, as well as a different part to play in the many combination possibilities. Those players that are new to Dolphin Quest must have a look at the paytable, where the rules of the game, uses of symbols, and how they work together is displayed.

Dolphin Quest Wild Symbol

As far as the wild of Dolphin Quest online slots Australia is concerned, it works just like most other standard slot games. The Dolphin Quest logo is the wild, and this symbol acts as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, meaning that this symbol can be used to complete combinations that were otherwise of no use or of a very low value.

Dolphin Quest Game Design

Dolphin Quest does not feature much in the way of bonus content, so the main appeal of the game is, without a doubt, the setting. While the slot is set underwater, there is more to the overall visuals that players may not spot straight away. The first would be the background, where a colourfully majestic coral reef adorns the bottom of the screen. The reef continues along the sides before giving out to open water, and right at the top, rays of sunlight shine down upon the reels.

The simplicity of Dolphin Quest may also be appealing to some players, as Microgaming has decided to keep the slot as easy to use as is possible. There are three main buttons that can be used: namely the bet selection, where the amount bet can be chosen using the arrow buttons. Next is the auto play button and the big spin button.

Dolphin Quest Bonus Content

Dolphin Quest only comes with one bonus feature, which is triggered by the special Scatter symbol that has a small chance of landing on the reels during base gameplay. Three or more of these symbols landing across the reels during a spin will begin a small mini game, where three new sets of reels are displayed to the player. The reels will spin until the player hits the stop button, and the amounts that are shown once the reels come to a stop are what the player earns in terms of winning from this bonus feature.

Dolphin Quest Conclusion

Dolphin Quest is aimed at an audience of slot players that prefer more traditional, simple slot games that don’t come with too much extra content apart from the main game. The biggest draw of Dolphin Quest is the overall theme.

All About Poker Online No Download Games


Poker is a very popular card game that is played all around the world. Many players in Canada play the game both in brick and mortar casinos as well as at social gatherings. Poker is different from other casino games in that it is not purely a game of chance. Playing Poker successfully involves an amount of skill as well as just pure luck. Continue reading “All About Poker Online No Download Games”

Poker No Download Games Online For Real Money


Poker is a very popular card game that can be found all over the world. In Canada the game is played at brick and mortar casinos as well as at functions and events. Almost all online casinos will offer the game either for real or free money. Poker grew in popularity in the early 1900’s in America and Europe where it was a popular game at many casinos and saloons. So popular in fact that machines caller poker machines were invented to recreate the game for individual players. These poker machines were the forefathers of the modern day slot machine. Continue reading “Poker No Download Games Online For Real Money”

Online Poker Games No Download For Canadians


Players from Canada will notice that the majority of online poker games have two versions of software available. These include the poker games online no download version, also known as the Flash version and the download or Viper version of the games.

Poker games online no download versions are often referred to as Flash based casino games as the games can be spontaneously launched using a flash media player. Players from Canada will be delighted to know that poker games online no download version does not require installation of casino software; a stable Internet connection is the only prerequisite.

Poker games online no download version, vary and change every single day and it is difficult to pick just one game or casino. Poker games online no download versions are possible to play in practice or real versions of the casino. With the majority of casino websites offering these platforms to players in Canada there is little to no risk involved, all personal details will be safe and secure with software that the casino has in place for a multitude of platforms and users in Canada.

The advent of online Casinos

In 1994 the Free Trade and processing Act was passed which allowed for organizations to apply for licenses to become online casinos. Long before the advent of the online casino a company called Microgaming developed online casino software, which is widely used in many of today’s online casinos.

Online Poker Games

Poker games online no download versions that are available to players from Canada is growing exponentially and new games are constantly added with the older versions being updated for a new look and fresh feel to keep game play interesting and refreshing. Online poker games include but are not limited to Video Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Caribbean Poker, Stud Poker, Five Draw Poker and many more.

Choosing Online Poker Games

Players in Canada should choose online poker games no download versions that power their games with reputable software such as Microgaming, Playtech or cryptologic. This will ensure a fair game play experience and players in Canada will be able to enjoy a simulated poker game much the same of the land based counterpart.


The usability and practicality of the interface is important, poker games online no download versions should be easy to use and navigate. A reputable poker game online for players in Canada will be clear and bold with the terms and conditions located on the casino website.

Advantages Of Online Poker Games

Players in Canada who opt for poker games online no download versions may do so due to various concerns or issues including bulky and cumbersome installation procedures, an operating system conflict or even the use of external machines which do not allow any downloads. Players from Canada who have opted for Poker games online no download versions will enjoy various features and advantages.

Mobile poker South Africa games online no download versions are completely safe and secure, making use of the exact security procedures and protocols the download version uses.

There are no software packages to download or install, the games are played solely online.

Players from Canada will enjoy the same technical support and customer service on Poker games online no download versions. Sign up offers and welcome bonuses remain the same, regardless of the platform used.

Games can be launched straight from the source, which ensures minimal waiting times and variety that keeps online poker games entertaining and refreshing.

Real Money Casino Play Online Slot Games


All over the world, online gambling is becoming more and more popular. With advances in computer technology and increased internet access, almost everyone can access and play online casino games. In Canada, going online is easier and far less hassle than driving to your nearest land-based casino. If you have never played online before, you should be asking yourself why? Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from any pc or laptop computer anywhere in the country. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to go about playing real money casino play online slots and casino games. Continue reading “Real Money Casino Play Online Slot Games”

Exploring Canada’s Casino Online Games


Computer games have been popular in Canada since they were invented, and the internet, combined with technological advances, has expanded the field in leaps and bounds since the days of Pong or Space Invaders. Gamers can now play all sorts of computer games against opponents all over the world in real time. The global internet expansion has also made casino online games available to Canadians.

Gambling in Canada goes back to the days before writing. Like other nations around the globe, Canada’s first peoples had their own games of chance, used both for cultural rituals and recreation. They even had carved gambling sticks; forerunners of the dice and cards that would arrive with European immigrants. It was in fact an indigenous people, the Mohawk, who provided Canada’s first legal and licensed casino online games through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, based in the Kahnawake Territory.

State-run Gambling Boosts Social Spending

Canada’s individual provinces and territories have had a federal mandate to pursue their own policies and regulations regarding gambling since 1970, and Canada’s first casinos opened in Winnipeg in 1989 and Montreal in 1993. All the provinces and territories now own and run their own lotteries, bingo games and casinos, both land-based and online.

The state uses the proceeds from legal gambling to finance a number of sectors designated as ‘for the public good’. These include education and healthcare, but some gambling ventures are also dedicated to financing urban renewal, supporting certain sports, or social upliftment programmes for the underprivileged. So Canadians playing casino online games are helping general public welfare at the same time as they entertain themselves with the ever-present chance of a handy windfall.

Plenty of Options in the Selection

When players patronise a casino online, games are available 24/7. Slots, the most popular casino category in both land-based and online gaming, are particularly well represented among casino online games, and players have an enormous range of themes, titles and bonus or jackpot options available to them.

Canadian casinos online also has plenty of casino devotees who prefer table games like roulette or craps, or card standards like poker, blackjack and baccarat. Video poker is another of the casino online games that comes, like all the table and card games, in a wide variety of formats. Multi-hand versions of all the card-based casino online games up the ante, allowing players to play multiple hands on each deal, with a proportional boost to the prizes they can win.

Finding Casino Online Games that Suit

There are several criteria a player should use to choose a specific site for their casino online games. Sites that are legally available and licensed in Canada get top priority, but they also need to be operations with a solid reputation for secure transactions, proper privacy protection, fair play and prompt customer service.

The number and varied selection of casino online games a site offers should also figure in players’ decisions. To select the perfect venue to enjoy casino online games more, however, they should also check if Canadian dollars are an accepted currency, and how many banking options players have for withdrawals and deposits. Once safety and legal access has been assured, convenience is often the deciding factor.

Casino Online Options Open to Canada’s Players


Games of chance have a long history in Canada. Since 1999, Canadians have been able to enjoy all the fun of the casino online, but the very earliest European traders and fur-trappers to migrate here in the 1500s also carried dice and card decks for entertainment. For centuries before they arrived, indigenous tribes in North America had their own gambling games and carved gaming sticks, as witnessed by John Cabot on his first landfall in 1497. The urge to test our luck and chase windfalls, it appears, is common to all human cultures.

Continue reading “Casino Online Options Open to Canada’s Players”

Why Casino Games Online Make Sense On Mobile For Canadians


Canada has a long history of enjoying games of chance. Although our first casino was only opened in 1989, in Winnipeg, indigenous Canadians were playing gambling games, like most cultures around the world, in the mists of prehistory. European settlement brought with it a range of games as well, from craps and poker to bingo, lotteries and charity raffles. Casino games online, available to Canadians since 1999, are the latest in a long line of gaming innovations, and possible the most welcome ever. Continue reading “Why Casino Games Online Make Sense On Mobile For Canadians”