Real Money Casino Play Online Slot Games

All over the world, online gambling is becoming more and more popular. With advances in computer technology and increased internet access, almost everyone can access and play online casino games. In Canada, going online is easier and far less hassle than driving to your nearest land-based casino. If you have never played online before, you should be asking yourself why? Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from any pc or laptop computer anywhere in the country. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to go about playing real money casino play online slots and casino games.

What You Need to Know

If you want to play real money casino games online, you are going to need a computer or laptop with internet access. Once you have set yourself up, the next step is signing up with the best real money Canadian casino. If you do a quick internet search, you will find a whole list of top-rated sites. Choosing the right casino to sign up with can be crucial. You want to find a casino that offers a wide range of games, secure banking facilities and lucrative casino bonuses. Playing real money casino play online slots starts here.

You Can Play for Free

Once you have found the ideal casino to sign up with, you can click on the signup button located on the home page. It is free to sign up and it takes just a few minutes to get started. Once your account has been activated, you can actually start playing free casino play online slots straight away. If, however you want to stand a chance of winning some decent cash, the next step is to fund your casino account.  In Canada, all top-rated online casinos provide a wide range of secure and convenient deposit options.

Funding Your Online Account

You can fund your online casino account by debit card, by local bank transfer, by credit card or by using a web-wallet payment service. Once your funds have reflected in your casino account, you can swap over and start playing real money casino play online slots and casino games. For players that usually play at home on the same PC or laptop, the best way to access online casino games is by downloading the full online casino software. All top-rated Canadian online casinos offer both a download option and an instant play flash option.

Instant Play and Download Games

By downloading the software, you will have access to the full range of games with high definition graphics, digital sound and shudder free gaming. The casino software also gives players access to their account settings and can be used for deposits and cashouts. If you are the type of person who is always traveling or using multiple computers throughout the day, the easiest way to play casino play online games is by accessing the flash site. The flash site will offer fewer games but it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from computer or mobile device with a flash enabled web browser.

Exploring Canada’s Casino Online Games


Computer games have been popular in Canada since they were invented, and the internet, combined with technological advances, has expanded the field in leaps and bounds since the days of Pong or Space Invaders. Gamers can now play all sorts of computer games against opponents all over the world in real time. The global internet expansion has also made casino online games available to Canadians.

Gambling in Canada goes back to the days before writing. Like other nations around the globe, Canada’s first peoples had their own games of chance, used both for cultural rituals and recreation. They even had carved gambling sticks; forerunners of the dice and cards that would arrive with European immigrants. It was in fact an indigenous people, the Mohawk, who provided Canada’s first legal and licensed casino online games through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, based in the Kahnawake Territory.

State-run Gambling Boosts Social Spending

Canada’s individual provinces and territories have had a federal mandate to pursue their own policies and regulations regarding gambling since 1970, and Canada’s first casinos opened in Winnipeg in 1989 and Montreal in 1993. All the provinces and territories now own and run their own lotteries, bingo games and casinos, both land-based and online.

The state uses the proceeds from legal gambling to finance a number of sectors designated as ‘for the public good’. These include education and healthcare, but some gambling ventures are also dedicated to financing urban renewal, supporting certain sports, or social upliftment programmes for the underprivileged. So Canadians playing casino online games are helping general public welfare at the same time as they entertain themselves with the ever-present chance of a handy windfall.

Plenty of Options in the Selection

When players patronise a casino online, games are available 24/7. Slots, the most popular casino category in both land-based and online gaming, are particularly well represented among casino online games, and players have an enormous range of themes, titles and bonus or jackpot options available to them.

Canadian casinos online also has plenty of casino devotees who prefer table games like roulette or craps, or card standards like poker, blackjack and baccarat. Video poker is another of the casino online games that comes, like all the table and card games, in a wide variety of formats. Multi-hand versions of all the card-based casino online games up the ante, allowing players to play multiple hands on each deal, with a proportional boost to the prizes they can win.

Finding Casino Online Games that Suit

There are several criteria a player should use to choose a specific site for their casino online games. Sites that are legally available and licensed in Canada get top priority, but they also need to be operations with a solid reputation for secure transactions, proper privacy protection, fair play and prompt customer service.

The number and varied selection of casino online games a site offers should also figure in players’ decisions. To select the perfect venue to enjoy casino online games more, however, they should also check if Canadian dollars are an accepted currency, and how many banking options players have for withdrawals and deposits. Once safety and legal access has been assured, convenience is often the deciding factor.

Casino Online Options Open to Canada’s Players


Games of chance have a long history in Canada. Since 1999, Canadians have been able to enjoy all the fun of the casino online, but the very earliest European traders and fur-trappers to migrate here in the 1500s also carried dice and card decks for entertainment. For centuries before they arrived, indigenous tribes in North America had their own gambling games and carved gaming sticks, as witnessed by John Cabot on his first landfall in 1497. The urge to test our luck and chase windfalls, it appears, is common to all human cultures.

As French, English and other settlers colonised Canada, lottery games and bingos were imported from Europe, and horse racing has also been a popular diversion since being formally established more than 200 years ago in Quebec. Powers to regulate gambling was devolved to the provinces and territories in 1970, and all 13 now use state-owned lotteries, casinos and bingo halls as a lucrative source of revenue for healthcare and education, among other areas.

But it was the Mohawk people of the Kahnawake Territory who brought Canada the casino online, when they asserted their sovereign right to make their own gaming laws and set up the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to begin licensing and regulating online casino operations internationally. Provincial authorities have since followed suit, again seeing the benefits of applying casino online profits to social programmes.

How to Choose a Casino Online

One thing a casino online can do better than most land-based operations is offer players a wider choice. There is no limit to the number of players that can play popular titles simultaneously, for example, so players never have to wait for a favourite machine to free up, or search for a spot at a card table. A casino online can also offer players attractive bonuses, like free slots spins or matching their deposits.

The ever-increasing number of operations also makes it easy for Canadians to find a casino online. But as attractive as the casino online experience is, there are some common-sense precautions to take beforehand. If they’re playing for real money, rather then just for fun using credits, banking security is obviously their first priority. Reputable sites will display certification on their home pages, independently verified, that their encryption software is of a high enough standard to protect players’ banking data.

More than Enough Game Options

When picking a British Colombia online casino, review sites are also helpful. Not only do they often link to their top-rated casinos, but they also give players an appraisal of the playing experience at each one, allowing players to find a casino online that suits them. In addition, they will also host player reviews, so it is easy to find the sites that feature regularly in complaints about customer service or payout issues.

Compilation sites that can link Canadians directly to each casino online are also worth checking out. Most allow visitors to search by a variety of filters, so slots fans can find the casinos with their favourite titles, a player can limit themselves to only playing games with progressive jackpots, or designed by their favourite developer, and so on.

Remember the Basics of Online Safety

Apart from banking security, the other thing a player wants from a casino online is privacy protection. They need to check a site’s privacy policy, as well as the audit certificates that guarantee an operation’s games are fair. Once they’re sure they’re dealing with a reputable site that treats players honestly, all they have left to do is pick a game and play.

Why Casino Games Online Make Sense

Canada has a long history of enjoying games of chance. Although our first casino was only opened in 1989, in Winnipeg, indigenous Canadians were playing gambling games, like most cultures around the world, in the mists of prehistory. European settlement brought with it a range of games as well, from craps and poker to bingo, lotteries and charity raffles. Casino games online, available to Canadians since 1999, are the latest in a long line of gaming innovations, and possible the most welcome ever.

As much fun as a visit to a land-based casino can be, it also involves travel and time spent exposed outdoors. In the depths of an icy winter, this isn’t an appealing prospect. The much more attractive option is to stay cosy and snug at home, a hot beverage of choice on hand, playing casino games online from a laptop, mobile device or desktop.

Instant Availability Anytime a Plus

Canada’s land-based casinos are also subject to real-world physical constraints. In busy seasons, they can become crowded; players may find it hard to get a seat at a table or catch their favourite slot machine unoccupied. There are no belligerent drunks to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of casino games online, and no limit to the number of players who can be on the same games simultaneously.

Canadian gambling sites operate 24/7, so as long as you have an Internet connection, they can enjoy casino games online anywhere, whenever they want to. The best online casinos also provide customer service round the clock, through live chat with human operators. Review sites are a good place to compare the reputations of various casinos licensed for play in Canada, and they will often rank the most Canada-friendly options so that players know they will not encounter language, currency or banking obstacles.

Bonuses are Exclusive to Casino Games Online

Perhaps the online casino industry’s biggest edge over land-based casinos is its policy of giving players instant bonus rewards for playing. Newly registered players generally get a sign-up bonus, and bonus offers to existing players are also a regular feature.

Deposit matches, by which the casino increases the player’s deposit by a factor that can be as high as 300 per cent, are a common type of bonus, as are free spins on designated slot machines. Some bonuses are a set amount of money given to the player to bet with. When launching new casino games online, it is common to offer a bonus to stimulate action on the unfamiliar title too.

A Wide Selection of Games Beckons

Variety is another big advantage enjoyed by casino games online. Hundreds of slots titles encompass any number of themes, with different reel configurations, bonus games and jackpot features. Video poker comes in all sorts of variations, including versions that allow bets on multiple hands at once.

Card and table casino games online offer an equally wide selection. Poker can be found in three-card, stud, draw and hold’em formats, with plenty of other variations, along with blackjack and its cousins pontoon or vingt et un; plus craps, American and European roulette, baccarat and more.

Real Money Cash Casino Online Slots


For many people, playing online casino games is a great way to relax, unwind and possibly win some serious cash. While playing casino games for free can be entertaining, there is nothing like the feeling of spinning the reels and realising you have just pulled in a big win. If you have always wanted to try your hand at online gambling, there has never been a better time. In the notes below, we take a look at how to play real money cash casino online slots from any pc or laptop in Canada.

Where you Should Start

If you have never played casino games online before, the first step is to find a reputable Canadian online casino to sign up with. While there are plenty of top-class casinos to choose from, it is important to make sure that you sign up with a casino that best suits your needs. If you want to play real money cash casino online slots, you want to look for a casino that offers secure banking, multi-platform access and a good range of casino bonuses.

Once you have found the right online casino for your needs, you can create a free online casino account by clicking on the signup button on the main web page. Singing up with a reputable Canadian online casino is free and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Once you have an active account, you can access and play hundreds of online casino games for free straight away. If, however you want to play real money cash casino online slots and casino games, the next step is funding your casino account.

Making a Secure Deposit

In Canada, all top-rated online casinos provide a wide range of secure and convenient banking options for you to choose from. You can instantly fund your online account by credit card, by debit card, by local bank transfer or by using any one of the many web-wallet payment systems found online. Once you have funds in your online account, you are ready to start playing real money cash casino online slots straight away.

Playing Real Money Slots

For players in Canada, there are two easy ways to access and play mobile casino Malaysia games online. The first method is to download the casino software directly to your pc or laptop. In order to play real money cash casino online slots, the software has to be installed on your computer and you have to be logged in whenever you play online. This option is ideal for players who generally use one computer to access the internet.

For anyone who uses multiple computers throughout the day, playing via the flash casino site is a better option. Canadian online casino flash sites can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world. While the flash site might not offer the full list of game, it is certainly easier and does not require any downloads to get started. Playing flash games is as simple as clicking on the game you want to play and it will load in your web browser.

Blackbeard’s Gold Slot Is Based On the Story of the Famous Pirate


One pirate in particular and his adventurous lifestyle has captivated people’s imaginations for centuries, and that is Blackbeard. This fearsome pirate terrorised the Caribbean during the 18th century, until his violent death in 1718. This exciting and creative slot game by Amaya Gaming is based on Blackbeard’s life and times, and gives you all the images of the stories.

The backdrop to Blackbeard’s Gold slot is a wooden pirate ship sailing on the blue sea, with a clear sky behind. The background sounds only play when the reels spin or during a bonus game. They are mostly continuous ship noises like creaking wood and chains being rolled up, with splashing water and the squawking of seagulls.

The Technical Game Details

Blackbeard’s Gold is a five-reel game, with 243 ways to win, produced by Amaya Gaming. There are no pay lines, and matching symbols appearing from left to right will result in a pay out. The symbols are highly detailed and attractive, and there is the legendary tattered Pirate Flag, a purple Compass, a Skull with two crossed swords and a fierce Pirate with a red scarf. The lower value symbols are the standard playing cards from ten through to the ace. In Blackbeard’s Gold these symbols are drawn in beautiful intricate detail in different glowing colours. There is of course the pirate Blackbeard himself, who is the symbol with the second highest value and also the Scatter symbol.

The symbol with the top value is the open Treasure Chest piled with gold coins, and this also serves as the game’s Wild symbol. The Wild symbol can replace any other symbol in the real money slots Philippines game in order to complete a winning combination, apart from the Scatter. Blackbeard’s three ships, the Revenge, the Victory and the Galleon also play a part in the game.

Blackbeard is the Scatter symbol, but if you can land three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels, those symbols will all turn Wild, and this can result in some big wins.

The Galleon Feature

The Galleon Feature in Blackbeard’s Gold is activated when the Revenge appears on reel one and the Galleon on reel five. You will be asked to choose one of the five Treasure Chests you can see, and they will determine the free spins awards. Each of the chests offers different rewards, and you may win ten free spins plus a multiplier of two and one extra Wild per reel, or ten spins and a multiplier of three plus two extra Wilds per reel. You can also win fifteen free spins plus a multiplier of two and one extra wild per reel, or fifteen free spins with a three times multiplier and two extra wilds per reel, or twenty free spins with a multiplier of four, and two extra wilds per reel. More spins can be won by landing the ships again during the round.

The Victory Feature

The Victory Round can be triggered by landing the Revenge ship on reel one, and the Victory on reel five. You again pick one of five Treasure Chests on offer to determine your prize. You can win a mix of 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 free spins, with the addition of a multiplier of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. On each spin up to three reels may turn Wild.

Blackbeard’s Gold has plenty of features and bonus rounds which are easy to activate, and may definitely give you some good wins.

Battle For Olympus Slot Takes Place in Ancient Greece


Ancient Greece is a popular theme for slot games, and the Battle for Olympus is based on the old stories of Greek mythology. Every aspect of the game remains true to this theme, and the slot includes aerial battles between the gods Zeus and Hades. Through the marble reels of the game there is a stunning swirl of golden and purple clouds, and the gates of Olympus are visible in the distance.

Ancient Greeks believed that Mount Olympus was inhabited by the gods, headed by the powerful Zeus, and this is the reason Greeks used to be called Olympians. This slot game, Battle for Olympus, has five reels with three rows, and up to fifty pay lines that can be used. It is produced by Amaya Gaming, and is one of their most visually attractive slot games.

The Symbols Reflect the Old Greek Gods

The symbols in Battle for Olympus include both Zeus and Hades, who are the symbols with the highest value, and a Chariot, Poseidon’s Trident and Hermes’ Winged Helmet. The classic playing cards from Ten through to the Ace represent the symbols with the lower values, and they appear jewel tones on a celestial background. Winning combinations can be formed by landing both Zeus and Hades on any active pay line.

The three headed Cerberus is the Wild symbol in Battle for Olympus, and as such can substitute any other symbol in the game to form winning combinations, apart from the Scatter symbol or bonus symbols. The Wild will multiply by three any winning combinations that it may have helped to form. The music in the background is fairly battle themed, and you will see some catchy animations when you hit a winning line.

Scatter Symbols Will Give Some Great Prizes

The Scatter is the lovely goddess Athena, complete with a Shield. If you land three Athena symbols at one time and any wins you have made will be multiplied by two. Four Athena symbols will get you a multiplier of twenty five, while five Athena symbols appearing on the reels will reward you with a huge multiplier of 250 times your winnings.

The bonus symbols are three icons, with the word Battle spelled out on one, For on another, and Olympus written on the third. These symbols appear on reels one, three and five respectively.

The Big Battle Bonus

To launch the bonus mini game in Battle for Olympus, you have to land the three bonus symbols, Battle, For and Olympus on reels one, three and five. There is now going to be a fight, and you get to choose whether you will be Zeus or Hades in the coming battle between the two. You are taken to another screen, where you are given five attempts to strike your opponent with a random credit prize awarded for each attack. The winner is determined by stopping the moving slider as close as possible to the centre of the slider. Each hit will give you a prize. If you win the first four hits you earn the Perfect Play Credit award, and get to miss the fifth attack.

Battle for Olympus offers plenty of mobile betting sites options, and allows you to combine your choice of the fifty pay lines with the coin values you want. This game can also be played for free at most online casinos, until you decide you want to wager real money.

The Pleasure Of Amazon Wild Top 20 Slots Game


Amazon Wild Top 20 is rated as one of the better online video slots available. From Amaya software, this slot machine engenders the spirit of the Amazon jungle with a really beautiful selection of reel symbols and pictures. The Aztec and Mayan influence is quite clear, and apart from the slightly repetitive tribal drumming background music, the colourful flora and fauna of the jungle are well represented, along with their particular animations and sounds when they are part of a winning combination.

In Amaya’s Amazon Wild Top 20 players are treated to frogs croaking, monkeys squawking, birds chirping and panthers growling as winning combinations on this medium volatility slots are achieved. The variety of symbols that grace the reels is vast, and perfectly suits the fact that the slot machine has 100 pay lines, an extraordinary high number.

Game Play Options and Bonus Symbols

The game play options and selections on this Amaya slot machine are very broad, even though all 100 pay lines are fixed. The minimum bet available on Amazon Wild Top 20 is 1 coin, and the maximum bet is 100 coins, which suits both high and low rollers. Adjustment of the bet levels is very easy on the slot machine, which includes an autoplay feature as well.

In Amazon Wild Top 20 slots game the Golden Aztec symbol is the Wild symbol and is suitably labelled. This symbol functions both as a standard Wild symbol in completing winning combinations and as a stacked Wild symbol when two appear on a single reel. This obviously dramatically enhances the winnings achieved on that particular spin.

The Scatter symbol is the Aztec map. Three or more Scatter Map symbols will trigger the Amazon Map Game, where players get to select three ruins from seven options, revealing substantial cash prizes. where you can explore ruins and win instant cash prizes.

Features of this Amaya Classic

Amaya Software were known for their innovation and fresh ideas that they brought to the casino industry. Many of their slots games have become iconic in their design and application, the entertainment and use of available technology. Amazon Wild Top 20 is certainly one of these, with the vast reels, large numbers of game symbols and many pay lines is a slots game that is as entertaining to play as it is potentially lucrative to win.

The Aztec Map Scatter symbol is also the highest paying symbol in the Amazon Wild Top 20 slot game and landing 5 of them incurs a reward of 2000 coins in the base game. The highest paying animal real symbol is the Panther, and 5 Panthers pay 1000 coins. All wins in Amazon Wild Top 20 are multiplied by stake per line except for Scatter wins, which pay any way. As would be expected in games with so many winning opportunities, only the highest current win is paid.

Amazon Wild Top 20 is a simple online slots singapore machine to understand and enjoy. Most of the pleasure in optical, but the return to player is generous and many medium sized wins are assured, making the game thoroughly enjoyable to play. The return to player percentage is good, and the sound effects alone are worth play for.

Amazon Adventure Slot Game has an Interesting Format


Amazon Adventure is set in a backdrop of a night time scene in the Amazon rain forest, with the huge green leaves of tall trees displayed against a dark blue sky filled with stars. There is a pay table on the left of the screen, and it blinks to show the value of each symbol.

The standard playing cards from ten to the ace form the lower value symbols, and they are designed to resemble brightly coloured stones. There is a mid value set of symbols, and these are all represented by the lucky number 7, and also appear in different colours, some of them adorned in vines or some leafy growth.

This game by Amaya Gaming has an interesting format, fairly similar to the old time arcade games and video slots. There are four reels and ten pay lines, and the symbols are set in a 4×4 grid, and you spin these reels in a random different way. The symbols can be seen on the pay table, and five cartoon like Amazon creatures represent the high paying symbols.  You will see a yellow spotted Ladybug with the lowest value of five, and next in value comes a bright blue Tree Frog and a turquoise Toucan. The second highest valued symbol is the Jaguar, and the symbol with the highest value is the purple Snake. There are 7s in various colours, red, yellow and green.

Placing Your Bet

Before the game begins on canadian casino online, you have to decide on the coin value of the bet you want to place, and the number of coins to be used per pay line. The number of pay lines is fixed at ten. The top jackpot that can be won in Amazon Adventure is 2500 times your line wager, so it is best to place the biggest bet that you can. This top jackpot can be won if you find four Snake symbols on four positions of an active pay line.

Two Bonus Maps

On the side of the screen you will see two maps, called Bonus 1 and Bonus 2. If a bonus symbol appears on the reels, you can turn to the map. If the goal of that particular adventure is reached on the map, you win a prize. Bonus 1 and 2 are represented as two islands, one green and one brown. The Bonus 1 symbol is a Waterfall that becomes anima ted when it forms part of a winning combination. Each time you land on the island you move one spot further.  The same will happen on the Map marked Bonus 2. This symbols is an erupting Volcano. Once your explorer has reached each stop of the path in the maps, and reaches either the Waterfall or the Volcano, a good cash prize is paid out.

All 7s will also give Prizes

Amazon Adventure also gives prizes for any of the 7 symbols appearing on the screen, as long as there are at least five of them. The maximum prize for the 7s, is 2500 coins, and that is give for twelve to sixteen 7 symbols appearing. The number 7 symbols also serve as Scatters, and will pay out an amount ranging from 10 to 12,500 coins, which you will see in the pay table left of the screen. There is no Wild symbol, and no bonus symbols apart from the two Maps.

Pay lines in Amazon Adventure can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, and they pay in either direction, depending on which one is the highest.

Flash Slot Online By Cryptologic And DC Comics


Flash slot by Cryptologic has these developers releasing an online real money casino game along the lines of their other comic-related video slots entertainment options, like those reinterpreting Wonder Woman and Superman. This game offers players the chance to enjoy a number of innovative features, and makes sure that the high rollers are well taken care of at the same time, and, although it will be of particular appeal to comic book fans, it has been designed in such a way so as to draw players of a variety of different tastes.

Flash slot has five reels and 50 paylines for its players to put to use in boosting their bankrolls, and these are increased when the bonus bet button is clicked, bumping this total up to 60, and allowing players the chance to enjoy the bonus rounds available for the game. This innovative feature allows players who prefer real money online slots high stakes to activate these wager-types right from the get-go.

Look and Feel for Flash Slot by Cryptologic

In terms of aesthetics, the overall look and feel of Flash slot is an old-school one: the reels feature the superhero for which the game is named; the logo, replete with thunderbolt; a selection of villains including the instantly-recognisable figures of Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd; and the playing card symbols of ten; jack; queen; king and ace, all reworked to resemble those which would have been in use in the 1940s.

As well as very realistic graphics, Flash slot also includes some very enjoyable animated sequences which launch when players form winning combinations, with these including a flash of lighting whenever a wild symbol helps players accrue a payout.

Symbols for Flash Slot Online Gameplay

The hero of Flash slot is the wild symbol for play, and he is able to stand in for all of the other icons excepting those of the scatter and the bonus, in order to help the player form winning combinations. It behaves differently during the different parts of the game however: it behaves normally during the base game, but will be able to multiply any winnings players manage to gather together by five if the bonus bet feature has been activated.

Three; four; or five of the scatter Flash slot logos will trigger the bonus round, named Rogues, but only for players who have activated the bonus bet button.

Bonus Options for Flash Slot Players

12 free spins are awarded to players during the bonus round for this online slots offering from Cryptologic game developers, and these include several other features depending on which of the hero’s rivals are selected.

The Captain Cold option will allow for any wild appearing during the free spins portion of Flash online slot play to expand to fill up the entire reel. Gorilla Grodd will feature a roaming wild, and this will be added to the reels whenever he appears if he is selected. The Mirror Master will grant players four extra free spins if he lands during the complimentary rounds.