Exploring Canada’s Casino Online Games with Our Guide


Computer games have been popular in Canada since they were invented, and the internet, combined with technological advances, has expanded the field in leaps and bounds since the days of Pong or Space Invaders. Gamers can now play all sorts of computer games against opponents all over the world in real time. The global internet expansion has also made casino online games available to Canadians. Continue reading “Exploring Canada’s Casino Online Games with Our Guide”

Casino Online Options Open to Canada’s Players


Games of chance have a long history in Canada. Since 1999, Canadians have been able to enjoy all the fun of the casino online, but the very earliest European traders and fur-trappers to migrate here in the 1500s also carried dice and card decks for entertainment. For centuries before they arrived, indigenous tribes in North America had their own gambling games and carved gaming sticks, as witnessed by John Cabot on his first landfall in 1497. The urge to test our luck and chase windfalls, it appears, is common to all human cultures.

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Casino Games Online Described for Players in Canada


Canada has a long history of enjoying games of chance. Although our first casino was only opened in 1989, in Winnipeg, indigenous Canadians were playing gambling games, like most cultures around the world, in the mists of prehistory. European settlement brought with it a range of games as well, from craps and poker to bingo, lotteries and charity raffles. Casino games online, available to Canadians since 1999, are the latest in a long line of gaming innovations, and possible the most welcome ever. Continue reading “Casino Games Online Described for Players in Canada”

Flash Slot Online By Cryptologic And DC Comics


Flash slot by Cryptologic has these developers releasing an online real money casino game along the lines of their other comic-related video slots entertainment options, like those reinterpreting Wonder Woman and Superman. This game offers players the chance to enjoy a number of innovative features, and makes sure that the high rollers are well taken care of at the same time, and, although it will be of particular appeal to comic book fans, it has been designed in such a way so as to draw players of a variety of different tastes.

Flash slot has five reels and 50 paylines for its players to put to use in boosting their bankrolls, and these are increased when the bonus bet button is clicked, bumping this total up to 60, and allowing players the chance to enjoy the bonus rounds available for the game. This innovative feature allows players who prefer real money online slots high stakes to activate these wager-types right from the get-go.

Look and Feel for Flash Slot by Cryptologic

In terms of aesthetics, the overall look and feel of Flash slot is an old-type one: the reels feature the superhero for which the game is named; the logo, replete with thunderbolt; a selection of villains including the instantly-recognisable figures of Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd; and the playing card symbols of ten; jack; queen; king and ace, all reworked to resemble those which would have been in use in the 1940s.

As well as very realistic graphics, Flash slot also includes some very enjoyable animated sequences which launch when players form winning combinations, with these including a flash of lighting whenever a wild symbol helps players accrue a payout.

Symbols for Flash Slot Online Gameplay

The hero of Flash slot is the wild symbol for play, and he is able to stand in for all of the other icons excepting those of the scatter and the bonus, in order to help the player form winning combinations. It behaves differently during the different parts of the game however: it behaves normally during the base game, but will be able to multiply any winnings players manage to gather together by five if the bonus bet feature has been activated.

Three; four; or five of the scatter Flash slot logos will trigger the bonus round, named Rogues, but only for players who have activated the bonus bet button.

Bonus Options for Flash Slot Players

12 free spins are awarded to players during the bonus round for this online slots offering from Cryptologic game developers, and these include several other features depending on which of the hero’s rivals are selected.

The Captain Cold option will allow for any wild appearing during the free spins portion of Flash online slot play to expand to fill up the entire reel. Gorilla Grodd will feature a roaming wild, and this will be added to the reels whenever he appears if he is selected. The Mirror Master will grant players four extra free spins if he lands during the complimentary rounds.

Mobile Fantastic Four Slot From Cryptologic


Marvel comics are extensively admired around the world, and so are games from Cryptologic developers, so a combination of these two elements, as the Fantastic Four slot machine game is, was definitely going to please a vast amount of people, and it has done just that.

Although the Fantastic Four slot machine release was in 2009, players will find that the graphics this game developer has in place for the game have not aged in the slightest, and although they cannot compare to the current age of 3D graphics, they are a wonderful interpretation of a well-loved comic book series.

Enormous Prizes Possible with Fantastic Four Slot

Cryptologic’s Fantastic Four slot gets everything right: it arrives on player’s mobile devices with the chance for them to take home three progressive jackpots:

  • The Marvel Jackpot, seeding at 5 000 coins
  • The Superhero Jackpot following at 500 coins
  • The Hero Jackpot of 50

Although these do not reach the astronomical proportions other progressive jackpots may, they do hit far more frequently, a fact which is more than able to make-up for the lower totals.

Symbols for Fantastic Four Slot from Cryptologic

The symbols for Fantastic Four slot all tie back to the given theme for the game, with a number of innovative twists put into practice from Cryptologic NZD casino developers that will please players. The first of these is the fact that The Invisible Woman; The Thing; Dr Doom; Mr Fantastic; and The Human Torch are all wild symbols, something that allows players to land winning combinations on an extraordinarily frequent basis. There are also five different free spins features for players to take into account, featuring each one of these heroes in a starring capacity.

The scatter symbol for Fantastic Four slot play is that of the game’s logo, and, when a minimum of three of these appear on this game’s reels, players will be able to choose which free spins feature they would like to enjoy:

  • Mr Fantastic Free Spins provides 15 free games, in which all of the players’ winnings will be multiplied by two. Should the hero for which this feature is named appear on the first reel he is able to expand to fill it entirely and will provide the players with extra wins as the wild
  • The Invisible Woman Free Spins offers players ten free games, but all of the wins for these will be multiplied by three. The Invisible woman is able to appear on the middle reel and will award random amounts of extra free spins when she does
  • The Human Torch Free Spins provides ten free games, with all wins tripled in value, and the man of the moment will show up often in order to function as a random wild during these
  • The Thing Free Spins offers 15 free spins, with wins that are multiplied totally randomly. These amounts range from two to ten
  • Dr Doom Free Spins will provide potentially limitless free spins, which end when he appears on the fifth reel. All wins accrued during this portion of play are tripled

The musical accompaniment for Fantastic Four slot play is every bit as thrilling as players would expect from a game featuring superheroes, and each of the free spins feature also has its very own theme tune which is able to differentiate it from the others.

Emerald Isle Slot by Cryptologic Game Developers


Emerald Isle slot by Cryptologic is available for both free and real money play at the online casinos that support this developer’s software, and the game features five reels and 20 lines for players. The bets per line have a good range, from 0.01 to 5, and the maximum bet possible for play is 100. There is a top payout of x6000, and scatter symbols; wild icons; free spins and an autoplay are provided as well.

Theme For Emerald Isle Slot from Cryptologic

Leprechauns are arguably the one of the most easily identifiable Irish exports, famed as they are in the folklore of that country, and there are many different versions of these fairies extant. The most common interpretation is the depiction of a dwarfish figure, clad in a green suit and hat, making shoes for various supernatural creatures that people the rural areas of Ireland, and this is the one that Emerald Isle slot makes use of.

Leprechauns are remunerated for their work with gold, and they store these riches in a pot nearby, which people throughout the ages have put their best efforts to finding –the cunning and resourcefulness of the leprechauns often being the only thing standing between them and the gold grabs greedy folk attempt whenever the fairies are spotted. Emerald Isle, as Ireland is often known, is also a first-rate online slots game from Cryptologic developers, and its hero is a leprechaun, accompanied by a flame-haired beauty of that land. Players attempt to relieve him of some of his wealth in the way that man has been trying to do for hundreds of years.

Combinations and Payouts for Emerald Isle Slot

Emerald Isle mobile pokies has combinations forming of identical icons situated alongside one another along a player’s active payline offering payouts, and one; two and three symbols will offer the player a bankroll boost in this manner. The amount that the player receives can be calculated by a multiplication of the special indexes, with information on these provided by the paytable, by that of the bet per line. Scatter icons pay out according to special rules however, and the top prize available is a whopping x6 000, available when the player manages to land five of the substitute symbols.

Symbols for Emerald Isle Slots from Cryptologic

Emerald Isle slot symbols include a red-haired beauty; a pot filled with gold; a four-leaf clover, said to confer luck; and the playing card symbols of nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace. There are also several special icons, all provided along with advanced functions, for players to make use of, including a wild, or substitute, symbol, which is an image of the leprechaun himself. Landing just one of these little fellows is enough to pay players out a certain amount of money, and it is also able to fill in the gaps for combinations made up of other icons, thanks to its ability to substitute for the required icons, and can so make up big wins. The only icon which it cannot stand in for is that of the scatter. The wild also functions as the Emerald Isle slot bonus symbol, and can trigger the game’s bonus round when it appears under special conditions.

Captain America Slot By Cryptologic Game Developers


Captain America slot is one of Cryptologic’s branded Marvel slots machine games, all of which have superheroes from this world-renowned comic book publisher as their main subject.

The symbols in use for players to make use of for Captain America slot have all been carefully selected so as to reflect the story of this exemplar. Steve Rogers was the skinny man who was handed a serum, represented on these reels, which transformed him into the paladin that helped keep the United States of America protected from evil. In keeping with this patriotic theme, many of the icons will bring the USA to mind, including one of a policeman; the iconic Statue of Liberty; the American flag; and an army helmet. Our defender’s shield and boots also make an appearance, as well as symbols which reference his enemies, like the diabolical Red Skull. The wild symbol is the man of the hour, Captain America himself, and the logo for the game stands in for the scatter.

Symbols Spring to Life in Captain America Slot

Some of the Captain America slot symbols become animated when they form part of a winning combination, and our guardian is the one to most frequently do so, since he is the wild icon. He bursts out from his slot and throws his weapon, the shield, straight out of the screen. The Red Skull villain takes his cigarette from his mouth and laughs in a sinister fashion.

Format for Captain America Slot

Captain America slot is a 25-payline video game and the player is able to choose the amount of paylines he or she wishes to activate by selecting the up and down arrows located alongside the payline indicator. All of these can be activated by a click of the Bet Max button too.

The next step toward Captain America slot play is the selection of the coin denomination the player wishes to bring into effect, with the choice available being

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 75
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

This is accomplished by selecting the up and down arrows alongside the indicators governing the denominations and the player is limited to one coin per payline. Selecting the spin button will set the reels revolving.

Jackpots Available for Captain America Slot

There are some very impressive fixed jackpots available for Captain America pokies online play, with the protector providing the largest one of 12 500 coins. The Red Skull ranks next, able to grant 5 000 coins, and the logo for the game provides both scatter symbol payouts and the ticket to the bonus round provided.

Bonus Games for Captain America Slot

The bonus round will take players to another screen, one which displays enemy planes flying overhead, and Captain America at the ready to vanquish them with his trusty, and deadly, shield. The player will be asked to select five of these aircrafts, and will be able to bank bonus credits when the saviour accomplishes his task; additionally, if one of the jets holds the Red Skull within it then the player will be awarded 15 complimentary spins, along with a multiplier which will double his or her payouts.

Detailed Analysis of Online Casino Games for Players


Players heading off to enjoy online casino games want to ensure that they always have a good experience –risking hard-earned money for a possibly sub-standard encounter is something no one wants to chance. Players need to be able to guarantee that they are able to find trustworthy, exciting sites that have full customer support for their roulette; slots; blackjack and poker games, and can do so by making their first stop a comparison casino site. Continue reading “Detailed Analysis of Online Casino Games for Players”

Features For The Online Casino Canada Experience


Players can look forward to the most generous online casino Canada welcome bonuses, since all the virtual venues are well aware that this is the number one criteria by which players decide whether or not to join a particular casino. The game variety is a good one as well, and no matter whether players prefer beating the bank at blackjack; sweeping stakes at slots machines; bankroll boosts via video poker games; rollicking roulette action or blistering baccarat experiences, they will find their favourites easily and quickly.

Customer support options are thoroughly reviewed as well, since there is nothing more frustrating than players not being able to get the help they need when they run into an obstacle that hinders their online casino Canada play. Every recommended casino will have customer support available 24 hours a day; seven days a week; 365 days a year, and will provide a variety of means of access.

Comparison sites line up online casino Canada sites that provide promotions for their players on a regular basis as well and players can anticipate VIP programmes that offer them good rewards in return for their loyalty; regular tournaments for the games that make use of these; and bonuses linked to regular deposits into their accounts.

The jackpots available for the games online casino Canada is able to provide are the best as well, and can safely ensure that players lucky enough to hit one will be more than happy with the amounts of money they are set to receive.

Top Online Casino Canada Offers

Comparison sites for online casino Canada offers allow players to easily answer the questions they may have about a particular place to play. They review the various elements of each casino and the offers they are making before adding them to their list of recommended online casinos, and are able to give players information on the standards of and portals provided for customer support; any promotional or special offers running; as well as data on the bonuses available; which offer the fastest payouts and the best array of Canadian-friendly banking options.

Online Casino Canada Safety and Security

The online casino Canada experience has to be a safe and secure one in order for it to be an enjoyable one, and players will be glad to hear that they are able to enjoy the roulette; blackjack; poker and slots games they love under the protection of the state-of-the-art 128-bit data-encryption technology that the top casinos use. This ensures that players are never at risk of compromising their personal and financial information, and can sit back, relax and play the game in front of them without the stress of online identity theft hanging over their heads.  

The games made available by means of the World Wide Web are playable by means of a number of different devices, and players are no longer restricted to only spinning the roulette wheel or facing down a full house when they can secure some time at their desktop or laptop computers. Full mobile support is provided, and a variety of smartphones and tablet devices afford real money play totally safely too.

How Online Casino Bonus UK Offers Work


When new players wish to join an online casino for the first time they will be asked to choose from a variety of different sign up promotional offers, which work as incentives made available by the casino in order to convince them to sign up with that one rather than another. Online casino bonus UK offers are one of these types of offers, and reward players for registering for a new account. Continue reading “How Online Casino Bonus UK Offers Work”