US Election Betting In 2016 Created Unprecedented Excitement

The recent 2016 United States presidential election created a storm of publicity all over the world. There has probably never been an election, in any country, that was accompanied by so much public attention, or that created such strong emotion. People in New Zealand, in common with all the other countries of the world, held strong opinions on the candidates, and were happy to express them loudly and often. Continue reading “US Election Betting In 2016 Created Unprecedented Excitement”

Predicting US Masters Betting Odds For Big Bonus


The 2016 US Masters Golf Tournament will take place at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia from 7 to 10 April, where a select field of golfers will compete for the famous Green Jacket. There are so many golfers that could take the honours, which deciding on where to place a bet can become rather difficult. There is the possibility of Bubba Watson win again, or perhaps one of the new generation of Spieth, McIlroy or Day will lead the hunt for the green jacket. The four days of the action at Augusta will decide on the US Open betting odds. Continue reading “Predicting US Masters Betting Odds For Big Bonus”