A Comprehensive Review of Mr Good Online Slot


BlueGem Gaming is renowned for the 3-D graphics and animations that make its Slot games really immersive, and this is clearly seen in the Netherlands-based studio’s Mr Good Slot. The game seems to be based on the Disney version of Robin Hood, with a fox in the role of Robin and a tiger as King John. The other icons include a bull’s eye target with an arrow sticking out of it, a shield and sword, a wine vase, a bag of coins, a castle and a quiver and arrows. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Review of Mr Good Online Slot”

Overview Of InCash Slot By BlueGem Gaming


Previously known as Sheriff Gaming, BlueGem has existed in its current form since 2014. The studio is known for great 3-D games, and its slots games are a good example of these capabilities.

The InCash Slot game is one of their more popular Progressive Jackpot titles, and is based on the ancient world of the Incan culture. To learn more before you try the game out for yourself, read on here. Continue reading “Overview Of InCash Slot By BlueGem Gaming”

Review of Dinos Rhino Slot Game for Gamblers Online


The name of this game probably refers to the Triceratops-like dinosaur that acts as a Scatter Symbol. The entire game has a Dino theme, with the reels framed by wood and vines and surrounded by vegetation and a prehistoric predator. Animalistic sound effects that could easily have come from dinosaurs complete the game’s atmosphere.

The Dinos Rhino Slot is produced by BlueGem Gaming, renowned for creating feature-packed Video Slots. The studio is also becoming renowned for its 3-D animations and graphics, and those are on full display here too. If you’re interested in learning a little more, you can check out the review below. Continue reading “Review of Dinos Rhino Slot Game for Gamblers Online”

The Features of Ninja Fruits Slot Described Online


From the heart of the orient comes this beautiful looking slots game from Play’n Go software. Ninja Fruits takes the popular fruit slicing theme and tosses it into the world of online slots for a unique and exciting experience. The game takes place under a Japanese pagoda in a beautiful Zen garden. There is fantastic Japanese themed music throughout. With every combo and bonus you also get unique animations and manga inspired sequences. Continue reading “The Features of Ninja Fruits Slot Described Online”

How You Can Enjoy Hole in One From Play n Go

Hole in One is a golf themed virtual scratch card game from Swedish developer Play n Go. Scratch cards are a form of gambling that has been around for many years. Popular because it is quick and relatively cheap, these cards could be bought all over the place, including in grocery stores. With the birth of the internet and online and mobile casinos, scratch cards have taken off in the virtual world with literally thousands to choose form. No longer do you have to get into a your car or walk down to the corner shop to play a scratch card, now all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device. Continue reading “How You Can Enjoy Hole in One From Play n Go”

Wizard of Gems Online Slot Overview for Casino Gamers


Wizard of Gems is an online video slot game from Play ‘n Go that focuses on a magical wizard and his affinity for enchanted gem stones. This slot plays out over 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 standard paylines, and contains colourful imagery to suit its theme of magic and sorcery.

The main bonus feature in Wizard of Gems is its free spins feature, which awards players with an additional 10 free spins and the opportunity to earn more during the feature. Additionally, the Collapsing Gems feature removes symbols in winning combinations from the reels, allowing for consecutive wins to be created. Continue reading “Wizard of Gems Online Slot Overview for Casino Gamers”

Fire Opals Slot Online – Play with Our Detailed Guide


Fire Opals is an online game with many great opportunities for winning. It has five reels with a hexagonal layout, and 720 ways to win big prizes. The minimum the player can win is five times the original line wager, and the maximum is two thousand times the original wager on that line. Players of every level of experience will be able to play this game. Fire Opals can be played for free or for real money. This slot game has creative reels, but like all slots games the player has to find three symbols of a kind on a reel. Continue reading “Fire Opals Slot Online – Play with Our Detailed Guide”

A Brief Look at the Best Casino Sites Powered by NetEnt


There is an enormous number of people who play online casino games, and most of them will partake in some form of wagering. Online casinos these days have to be able to provide high standards of quality, good pay out rates and attractive bonuses, all to be experienced in a safe and secure environment. Some casinos will specialise in a certain arena, and provide players with  a particular niche to play their game of choice. By choosing a site that supplies the player with the game he wants to play, it will ensure the best wagering experience for the player. Continue reading “A Brief Look at the Best Casino Sites Powered by NetEnt”

Let’s Have a Complete Look at Mystic Secrets Slots Game


Mystic Secrets is an online slots machine game from Novomatic that has five reels and ten lines available. The maximum payout for the game is 5 000 coins, and there is a free spins features for players to make use of as well as an autoplay function available for those who enjoy playing their slots machine games that way. Continue reading “Let’s Have a Complete Look at Mystic Secrets Slots Game”

Learning The Popular Card Game Blackjack Table Layout


The game of blackjack has undergone a number of changes since its debut in around the 1700s, where it is thought to have developed from a number of different card games popular in Spain and France around that time. The blackjack table layout set in the 1920s is still in use today, even though there are online versions for casinos on the World Wide Web, these retain all the main characteristics of the tables found in brick and mortar venues.

Information on the Blackjack Table

The average size of a blackjack table is around three feet by five, with this scaled down for the online versions of the game. Even with the size difference, however, virtual tables retain the blackjack table layout of those found at land-based casinos.

The table is a semicircular one, and has a green felt surface, and virtual versions retain this shape and colour. It has an elegant feel to it, made more so by the common associations many people have with it thanks to its representation in popular films and television shows, as being the casino game of choice for the sophisticated set.

The blackjack table layout incorporates information on the payouts for the game on it, or near it, and players will also be able to easily view the rules for the game, including any variations incorporated into it, as well as the stand and draw rules that the dealer has to adhere to. Other markings on the surface of a blackjack table can include things like the casino’s logo; the wagering positions of the players, usually at a maximum of seven; and what is known as the insurance betting line, a curved wagering line.

Other Details for the Table’s Layout

There is a position on the blackjack table layout that is assigned to the dealer which is behind the rack of chips in traditional casinos, but can simply be a slot marked out on a virtual table. To the left of the dealer will be a dealing shoe, and a discard tray will be placed on the dealer’s right-hand side. The dealer will sometimes spread out the decks of cards to be used in the game before play begins in order to allow players to inspect them, and ensure that all is as it should be regarding the cards before blackjack play starts to unfold.

Thanks to the sophistication of modern internet and mobile technology, players who enjoy this game can find out everything they need to know about a blackjack canada table layout; the rules for the game; and how to integrate winning strategies by means of a variety of different devices, including desktop computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets. Customised software packages allow for very smooth software integration, and all that players require to get into a real money game is a steady internet connection and a little spare time. Safety and security for any real money transactions made by means of the web are protected by 128-bit data encryption technology, and players can rest assured that their information is in safe hands as long as they stick to licensed, regulated places to play.