Predicting US Masters Betting Odds For Big Bonus

The 2016 US Masters Golf Tournament will take place at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia from 7 to 10 April, where a select field of golfers will compete for the famous Green Jacket. There are so many golfers that could take the honours, which deciding on where to place a bet can become rather difficult. There is the possibility of Bubba Watson win again, or perhaps one of the new generation of Spieth, McIlroy or Day will lead the hunt for the green jacket. The four days of the action at Augusta will decide on the US Open betting odds.

Without taking anything away from Jordan Spieth’s remarkable performance in the first few holes of the Master’s last year, the next holes reminded all the betting public exactly why betting on golf is not an exact science. Chasing his first major title, he certainly gave the impression of a golfer to bet on, perhaps even better than McIlroy or Woods, but experience does still count. The leading at the front may be a little trickier in 2016 if the easier conditions make any catching up easier than usual. The odds on betting on Justin Rose, or Phil Mickelson could also be worth investigating.

Golf Allows Different Bets

There is always comprehensive coverage on television of every major tournament, so people wanting to place a bet on the players can easily go it online. Certainly most people cannot attend every tournament, but these days, due to the articles on the internet and the easily accessed sports betting sites, it is entirely possible to keep up with the US Masters betting odds available.  Every tournament has a number of possible bets to choose from, such as a selected round leader, the top five finishers, and highest placed golfer from selected countries.

People can also bet on some special wagers offered, which could entail whether certain players will win any more grand slams, or win any at all. Golf is an extremely lucrative sport, with an increasing number of sponsors hosting specific tournaments. The sport has one of the most exciting possibilities for US Masters betting odds, as there is often more time to place the bets owing to the slower pace of the game, and the fact that no one can with certainty predict who will win.

Online Betting Sites give Different Odds

There is a huge range of sports that punters can choose to place their bets on, and a variety of online sporting sites to use.  Punters can investigate the different US Masters betting odds that each site can offer before deciding on one to use. Sports have kept the world entertained for centuries, and betting opportunities are increasing all the time.

Golf is one of the sports that have given hours of enjoyment, and lots of excitement when online betting Kenya on the outcome. The thrill of betting on golf will add to the enjoyment of the game. With the present ease of operating the betting possibilities of the internet and the many sports books available, everything is much simpler and quicker. The top online sports betting sites will also advise the punter on the latest US Masters betting odds, as they do for any major golf tournament.

There are some very big winnings available in golf, with all the different bets available. There are many talented young players participating in all the major competitions at present, and there is not much difference between the odds offered on each one.